FDPPI comes into formal existence

Dear Friends

The Foundation of Data Protection professionals in India has formally come into existence with the issue of the Certificate of Incorporation today.

I have opened a website separately under the domain name www.fdppi.in. As a result there will be no need to continue this domain name.

I will leave this page open for some time for the transition but please look at www.fdppi.in.  for future information on the Foundation.

The Foundation will be a venture of the Data Protection Professionals in India and let us all make it a grand success.


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New Name

Since the floating of the idea to form this organization, we have now received a name approval from ROC in the name of “Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India”. Hence the mast head has been changed.

The website also will now function under www.fdppi.in.

Currently the domain name fdppi.in is being re-directed here.

The e-mail ID will also be soon changed.


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Join the Round table on Personal Data Protection Act

Invitations has been sent to all those who have registered either on this site or through email for activities of IADPP.

I look forward to seeing you all online tomorrow the 12th August 2018 at 8.00 pm IST.

The program would be as follows.

  1. Welcome and Brief introduction by Naavi
  2. Brief Presentations by speakers on different aspects of PDPA 2018
  3. Speakers

a)Applicability: Nagendra  of T Consultants
b) Data Subject’s (Data Principal’s)  Rights:  Naavi

c) Data Localization: Rakesh Goyal of Sysman.in
d) Role of DPOs: Harish of Hanvik Infosec

e) Data Controller (Data Fiduciary) Responsibilities: Lalit Kalra of EY
f) Civil and Criminal Penalties: Naavi

This is expected to be an overview on the PDPA 2018. In depth discussion may not be feasible due to the time constraint. Questions can be answered by the panel at the end of the presentations to the extent time permits.

The presentation is expected to consume 1 hour and discussions will continue there after as long as the interest of the audience sustains. It is open to the audience to make use of the opportunity to get clarifications from the entire group which will have many experts other than the speakers.

The meeting is on Zoom and can be joined even on mobile.

We expect that subsequently we will have follow up webinars on individual topics in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to the meeting.


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Web based Round Table on Personal Data Protection Act 2018

IADPP will conduct a web based Round Table discussion on 12th August 2018 at 8.00 PM.

The Round Table will be lead by Naavi and will have participation from other invited professionals.

A Copy of the proposed Personal Data Protection Act 2018 (PDPA 2018) is available here

Those who are interested in participating in the discussions may contact Naavi through e-mail.

The link to the meeting would be sent by e-mail in due course. People can join even on mobile.


1. Applicability: Nagendra  of T Consultants
2. Data Subject’s (Data Principal’s)  Rights: P.B Vishwanath of Wipro

3. Data Localization: Rakesh Goyal of Sysman.in
4.Role of DPOs: Harish of Hanvik Infosec

5. . Data Controller (Data Fiduciary) Responsibilities: Lalit Kalra of EY
6. Civil and Criminal Penalties: Naavi

For immediate reference, here is a presentation on “Data Privacy in the Indian Scenario” made by Naavi on 28th July 2018 at DISAI meet in Chennai, with a brief coverage on PDPA 2018.


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Participatory Round Table on Personal Data Protection Act 2018

As a second activity of the IADPP,  a “Participatory Round table” on the proposed Indian Data Protection Act which is called the “Personal Data Protection Act 2018” is being scheduled for the following week.

This will be an online activity like a webinar.

Different speakers will present their views on different aspects of the proposed act for the following five modules.

1. Applicability
2. Data Subject’s (Data Principal’s)  Rights
3.Data Controller (Data Fiduciary) Responsibilities
4.Role of DPOs
5. Civil and Criminal Penalties

Each of the above presentation would be  upto about 10 minutes.

The exact schedule would be finalized and updated to the members.

In the meantime suggestions if any can be sent to Naavi. (can also be posted as a comment to this page)

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First Activity of IADPP

The Webinar on NHS was conducted on 29th July 2018 to discuss the National health Stack.

Naavi presented a brief summary of NHS.

During the discussions, many of the members recorded their quick views. Mr C.N Shashidhar (Founder and CEO at SecuriT Education LLP) also provided a detailed written set of suggestions.

Subsequently, on 1st August 2018 which was the last date for submission of feedback, a brief feedback was sent to Niti Ayog through e-mail.

Details are available in the Activities page.


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Let’s Discuss the National Health Stack proposal

The Ayushman Bharat scheme also referred to as the Modi Care program is an ambitious welfare scheme which Mr Modi is implementing. Under this scheme it is expected that 1.5 lakh health and wellness centers offering  preventive and primary care would be operating ont he supply side and over 10 crore plus households would be provided a health insurance of Rs 5 lakhs per family.  The idea is to promote both the supply and demand side of health care service.

The ambitious plan which could transform the country in terms of public welfare is likely to also provide an unprecedented boost to the technology suppliers who specialize in the health care sector as the Government is unleashing a visionary digital framework usable by all stake holders in the Ayushman Bharat scheme in the form of the proposed “National Heath Stack” (NHS).

NHS is envisaged to be a holistic platform that supports multiple health verticals and integrates future IT solutions so that by 2022, digital health records of all citizens would be available on the platform.

It is clear that the challenge in terms of the sheer size of the required digital network along with the support features of connectivity, security etc would be providing an opportunity of unprecedented scale to the IT industry in India.

It is time for our businessmen to sit up and take notice of this development and start planning ahead for harnessing the opportunities that may be unleashed under NHS. It is expected that the grand announcement would be made about the roll out of the scheme on August 15 when Mr Modi makes his Independence Day speech which could be the last such occasion before the next election.

The occasion and opportunity is big enough to think that the 2019 Loksabha election could be actually a vote for and against Modi Care program.

While the political minds may keep scratching their heads on the pros and cons of NHS in the political environment, it is time for Cyber Security and Privacy Professionals should focus on the NHS document which has been placed for public comments for which the last date for submission is August 1, 2018.

In case you are yet to take a look at the document, kindly refer to ” National Health Stack Plan… This is the Digital Health Aadhaar Scheme…Available for Public Comment” and ensure that your comments if any is sent by e-mail to healthstackniti@gmail.com

Indian Academy of Data Protection Professionals (Proposed National Conglomerate of  Data Protection Professionals promoted by Naavi) is planning to conduct a Webinar on NHS on this Sunday, the 29th July 2018. Contact Naavi for details.


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IADPP to kick off its activities in August

IADPP will be commencing its activities some time in August once all the formalities are completed. One of the activities that is being planned is to conduct online and offline seminars and meetings.

The details will be announced in due course.

Those of the professionals who are interested in participating in such meetings to share their expertise related to Data Protection are requested to inform Naavi through e-mail along with the topics of interest to them so that the interactions can be scheduled.

IADPP is envisioned to be an organization of the Data Protection Professionals, By the Data Protection Professionals and for the Data Protection Professionals.

I therefore call upon all Data Protection Professionals, particularly if you are in India to contribute to the activities of IADPP in whatever manner you think you can.


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Why IADPP is a movement of Indian Data Protection Professionals

Data Protection is inherent to the existence of the Data Industry and India has a huge stake in the industry which Creates, Processes, Manages data though it is often called the “Information Technology Industry”. The term “Data Industry” may also include industries such as social media but IT is the soul of this industry. Security of Data is inherent from the perspective of “Quality” as well as “Integrity” of data that is an input to decision-making in Business and Governance.

Data Protection is required for protection of Privacy of an individual as well as for prevention of Cyber Crimes or for any purpose in which the value of data depends on it being protected against unauthorized access and modification or unauthorized denial of access.

Some of us may be practitioners who are managing the Data Protection process and some may be academicians, some may be working for prevention of Cyber Crimes etc., but we all have a stake in Data Protection.

We are affected by laws that determine how we generate, process, transmit data and manage security in the process. Some of these laws may be national and some may be international.

If we look at building our career in this Data industry, we need to ensure that we adopt best ethical practices and keep ourselves properly informed at all times with relevant legal, technical and other knowledge that would be relevant.

What better to achieve this objective than coming together ourselves and form an organization where we can collectively pursue knowledge and skills required to be a better Data Protection Professional?

It is with this thought process that IADPP has come into existence and would like to grow into a movement of the Data Protection Professionals, by Data Protection professionals themselves and for the prosperity of Data Protection Professionals with a focus on India as our nation which we want to protect and nurture.

Join this movement today by signing up as a “Provisional Member” so that you can watch the developments and take a more active role in due course.



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Online Meeting of 5th July and further action

An informal online meeting was held on 5th July 2018 to discuss the modalities of completing the formation of the Society.

Based on the discussions during the meeting, further steps are being initiated by Naavi to complete the formalities.

One of the next meeting will have to be offline in Bangalore.

Those who can indicated their ability to meet physically at short notice may kindly indicate over e-mail so that I can keep them informed.


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