Some Changes in the Offing

Visitors may kindly take note that in the preliminary discussions regarding the formation of this body, suggestions are coming in from different stakeholders. Some of these suggestions express concerns about “Perceived Conflicts” with other organizations because of the similarity of activities or name.

The concept of this organization is to go beyond “Privacy” and encompass the interest of “Data Protection” which again is not restricted to “Personal Data Protection”. It will encompass the Information Security, Cyber Security, Legal Compliance, Behavioural Aspects of Security etc.

Some of the other organizations have restricted fields of operation such as “Personal Privacy Protection” or “Personal Data Protection” etc. Hence it is my personal thinking that there is at present no similar “Inclusive Society of Professionals who are addressing different domains of Information Security”. Hence there should be no conflict real or perceived by other organizations who are already in the domain.

In fact itself is one of the early entrants into the field of “All Inclusive Information Security”. however remained as an Information hub but has been working with the IT industry, Information Security community, Privacy Professionals, Cyber Crime lawyers, Police, Government, Academicians, Behavioural Scientists etc.  Some of the other organizations have over a period of time,  grown differently and occupied different niches in the Information Security space.

It is  the intention of this proposed organisation to work in close association with other such organizations in the spirit of “Inclusiveness”.  Hence we are deliberating all measures to avoid all sorts of real and perceived conflicts and we may even adopt a different name for the organization as we go forward towards formal formation if required.

Consequent to such changes, even the domain name hosting this information may change.

Please do watch out for further information which will be provided here.

Hopefully, we may be able to have greater clarity within the next one week.



Founder Cyber Law and Data Protection Consultant. Netizen Activist. Based in Bangalore.
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  1. naavi says:

    Data Protection Professionals is a larger set of professionals encompassing the Privacy Protection Professionals. …..

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