Let’s create a Federation of Data Protection Professionals

Indian Academy of Data Protection Professionals is devoted to the betterment of Data Protection Professionals in India.

Data Protection has multiple objectives.

a) Protect Data to protect Privacy

b) Protect Data to Protect the Company

c) Protect Data to Prevent Cyber Crimes

Presently, professionals in the Data Protection Industry are organized as “Privacy Professionals”, “Information Security Professionals”, “Compliance Professionals” etc.

This platform aims to bring together all these persons under one platform.

Presently there are multiple groups under WhatsApp or Telegram where we do exchange our views. Many of these groups have overlapping members and over a time the messages get repeated across multiple groups causing message fatigue.

We can avoid this by using this platform as a consolidated platform for information exchange where the message is of interest to all Data Protection Professionals. This will also obviate the need for us becoming members of multiple WhatsApp groups except when the purpose is different from knowledge sharing of Data Protection Related information.

Additionally, Naavi maintains the Privacy Knowledge Center (www.privacy.ind.in), Cyber Law Knowledge Center (www.naavi.org) etc. Others may also have similar knowledge sharing platforms of their own. We need to find a way of consolidating the information spread across different platforms so that it becomes available without too much pain.

Some of the sub groups mentioned above can be “Organizational Associates of the IADPP” so that they can maintain their independent status but also participate in the community activities. In this sense IADPP can become a “Federation of other Privacy and/or Data Protection organizations”.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this objective are welcome.



Founder www.naavi.org. Cyber Law and Data Protection Consultant. Netizen Activist. Based in Bangalore.
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