Now this is Indian Academy of Data Protection Professionals

Over the last one week we have been deliberating on the status of this proposed association of Data Protection Professionals. During this time I have had personal discussions with a few and online interaction with some others.

Some clarity has now come to the idea which should ensure that more number of professionals come together for common good of the community.

Some of us would like to meet on the web and some have offered a suitable online platform for the meeting. We need to finalize the schedule.

In the meantime, one of the most contentious issue confronting us was finding a neutral name for this platform.

I started with Indian Association of Data Protection Professionals, keeping the meaning of “Association” as some thing that indicates a confluence of people. Though the word “Association” mean many things, one of the predominant meanings was indicating a “Trade Union”. This was not the intention of the proposed platform and a disclaimer was found insufficient to overcome the suspicions. Some of the HR managers would not have liked their employees to be part of such an “Association” if it was perceived to be a “Trade union”.

Now after some thought, it appears that we can better call this an “Academy”. (This does not require change of the domain name and hence is a big practical advantage for me.)

“Academy” is also closely related to “Knowledge” and “Learning” and is the essence to the primary objective of the platform.

“Academy” can also have secondary and tertiary objectives in the larger interest of the community and can accommodate other requirements that may be required to make this organization sustain itself as an “Organisation of the Professionals, by the Professionals, and for the Professionals associated with the Data Protection industry”.

It can therefore also include the Privacy professionals and Information Security Professionals on a single platform. The “Developers” who are involved in “Privacy or Security by design” and the “Managers” can also be part of this eco-system. It can therefore be the “Inclusive” platform that we are searching for.

My own activities under or or and all are in tune with this “Academy” and makes it comfortable for me and many others who are already in the field of Data Protection.

Cambridge dictionary defines academy as

“an organization intended to protect and develop an art, science, language, etc., or a school that teaches a particular subject or trains people for a particular job:”

Oxford dictionary adds

“A society or institution of distinguished scholars and artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field.”

Hence the name “Academy” appears suitable for a broad charter for the organization.

I suppose we can therefore start developing our charter based on this name.

I now request all those who were on the fence as to whether they should join this consortium or platform or market place or by whatever name it was called, to feel comfortable and join so that we can have a participative decision making.

I am aware that making the organization a formal registered society would involve taking up lot more responsibilities which many of us donot have time for. But we should be comfortable with the online platform.

As long as we donot have any financial interests, the structure can be very simple and run on the basis of this website.

But we can still have a shadow democratic online set up that simulates a registered society as per the local laws so that we adopt all the good practices that registered societies are meant to follow.

We shall therefore call this a “Virtual Society”. I will provide more thoughts on this structure as we go along. I look forward to your positive support for this new “Online Organizational Structure” which should become a model for future online organizations.

So… Welcome to the Indian Academy of Data Protection Professionals.



Founder Cyber Law and Data Protection Consultant. Netizen Activist. Based in Bangalore.
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