Why IADPP is a movement of Indian Data Protection Professionals

Data Protection is inherent to the existence of the Data Industry and India has a huge stake in the industry which Creates, Processes, Manages data though it is often called the “Information Technology Industry”. The term “Data Industry” may also include industries such as social media but IT is the soul of this industry. Security of Data is inherent from the perspective of “Quality” as well as “Integrity” of data that is an input to decision-making in Business and Governance.

Data Protection is required for protection of Privacy of an individual as well as for prevention of Cyber Crimes or for any purpose in which the value of data depends on it being protected against unauthorized access and modification or unauthorized denial of access.

Some of us may be practitioners who are managing the Data Protection process and some may be academicians, some may be working for prevention of Cyber Crimes etc., but we all have a stake in Data Protection.

We are affected by laws that determine how we generate, process, transmit data and manage security in the process. Some of these laws may be national and some may be international.

If we look at building our career in this Data industry, we need to ensure that we adopt best ethical practices and keep ourselves properly informed at all times with relevant legal, technical and other knowledge that would be relevant.

What better to achieve this objective than coming together ourselves and form an organization where we can collectively pursue knowledge and skills required to be a better Data Protection Professional?

It is with this thought process that IADPP has come into existence and would like to grow into a movement of the Data Protection Professionals, by Data Protection professionals themselves and for the prosperity of Data Protection Professionals with a focus on India as our nation which we want to protect and nurture.

Join this movement today by signing up as a “Provisional Member” so that you can watch the developments and take a more active role in due course.




Founder www.naavi.org. Cyber Law and Data Protection Consultant. Netizen Activist. Based in Bangalore.
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