IADPP to kick off its activities in August

IADPP will be commencing its activities some time in August once all the formalities are completed. One of the activities that is being planned is to conduct online and offline seminars and meetings.

The details will be announced in due course.

Those of the professionals who are interested in participating in such meetings to share their expertise related to Data Protection are requested to inform Naavi through e-mail along with the topics of interest to them so that the interactions can be scheduled.

IADPP is envisioned to be an organization of the Data Protection Professionals, By the Data Protection Professionals and for the Data Protection Professionals.

I therefore call upon all Data Protection Professionals, particularly if you are in India to contribute to the activities of IADPP in whatever manner you think you can.



Founder www.naavi.org. Cyber Law and Data Protection Consultant. Netizen Activist. Based in Bangalore.
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