Participatory Round Table on Personal Data Protection Act 2018

As a second activity of the IADPP,  a “Participatory Round table” on the proposed Indian Data Protection Act which is called the “Personal Data Protection Act 2018” is being scheduled for the following week.

This will be an online activity like a webinar.

Different speakers will present their views on different aspects of the proposed act for the following five modules.

1. Applicability
2. Data Subject’s (Data Principal’s)  Rights
3.Data Controller (Data Fiduciary) Responsibilities
4.Role of DPOs
5. Civil and Criminal Penalties

Each of the above presentation would be  upto about 10 minutes.

The exact schedule would be finalized and updated to the members.

In the meantime suggestions if any can be sent to Naavi. (can also be posted as a comment to this page)



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