Join the Round table on Personal Data Protection Act

Invitations has been sent to all those who have registered either on this site or through email for activities of IADPP.

I look forward to seeing you all online tomorrow the 12th August 2018 at 8.00 pm IST.

The program would be as follows.

  1. Welcome and Brief introduction by Naavi
  2. Brief Presentations by speakers on different aspects of PDPA 2018
  3. Speakers

a)Applicability: Nagendra  of T Consultants
b) Data Subject’s (Data Principal’s)  Rights:  Naavi

c) Data Localization: Rakesh Goyal of
d) Role of DPOs: Harish of Hanvik Infosec

e) Data Controller (Data Fiduciary) Responsibilities: Lalit Kalra of EY
f) Civil and Criminal Penalties: Naavi

This is expected to be an overview on the PDPA 2018. In depth discussion may not be feasible due to the time constraint. Questions can be answered by the panel at the end of the presentations to the extent time permits.

The presentation is expected to consume 1 hour and discussions will continue there after as long as the interest of the audience sustains. It is open to the audience to make use of the opportunity to get clarifications from the entire group which will have many experts other than the speakers.

The meeting is on Zoom and can be joined even on mobile.

We expect that subsequently we will have follow up webinars on individual topics in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to the meeting.



Founder Cyber Law and Data Protection Consultant. Netizen Activist. Based in Bangalore.
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