Action Groups

IADPP is finalizing the modalities under which it will commence its activities in a manner that there will be ample opportunity for members to participate in the activities and contribute to the good of the community.

The participation of the members will enable virtual interaction though for some compliance purposes, we need to also have physical interactions.

In planning its activities, IADPP has identified that there will be a back end management team that takes care of the management as required under law. But most of the front end activities will be planned to be executed by different members of the front end team.

The Front end teams will be constituted as “Action Groups” and will be constituted for different sub objectives.

Volunteer members will manage the different Action Groups and lead the activities under their specific interests.

 Some examples of the Special Action Groups to be constituted are

a) Health Care Sector including Hospitals

b) BPO Sector

c) Banking and other Financial Sector

d) Cyber Insurance

e) Mobile Applications

f) Emerging Technologies- Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Industry 4.0

g) GDPR including other Data protection law UK DPA, Singapore Privacy Act etc

h) Privacy as a Fundamental Right

i) Cyber Crime

j) Cyber Terrorism and  Cyber Warfare

k) ITA 2000

Each such Action group will have members drawn from different geographical locations.

Those of you who are interested, may contact Naavi indicating their specific interests.