Vision and Mission

The Vision of IADPP is

To be  an apex institution for  the Data Protection industry in India, dedicated for the development and welfare of India through the Community of Data Protection Professionals.

The Mission of IADPP is

To create a body of Data Protection Professionals, managed by Data Protection Professionals and working for the empowerment of the community of Data Protection Professionals with the objective of serving the community by making the emerging Data Dependent Society a safe and prosperous place for all Citizens and Netizens.

Data Protection Professionals shall be the soldiers who nurture the emerging society in India which will be extremely Data dependent.

“Nurture” in this context includes “Safeguarding” the data that drives the nation by not merely enforcing the law but helping all stake holders build an environment where laws and regulations emerge with the consensus in the society.

The Objectives of the organization and its activities are proposed to be drawn in greater detail under these Vision and Mission directions.